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  • Wedding Accessories

    203 Wedding Accessories Found

    Wedding Accessories

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS (129)Wedding Accessories

    Average Rating 4.76 5
    • By Loretta Beck

      May 25,2022

      I love it, I can't wait to wear it!

    • By Isis Esparza

      May 25,2022

      Absolutely stunning piece. Arrived super fast. You won't regret this purchase!

    • By Patryk Villa

      May 25,2022

      Great item! I'm all the way in Jamaica so I'm a bit skeptic of what I buy as returning will cost about 10 times or more of the purchase. I bought this for my wedding and it came way before the specified time period. Excellent packaging and looks even more beautiful in person ?? and I love the laces. Very cute

    • By Antony Mccormick

      May 25,2022

      The item arrived before I expected it to and is exactly what I was looking for! The details are just stunning. I'm looking forward to wearing it!

    • By Kane Burnett

      May 24,2022

      This was just the right color and size to go with my wedding dress! It made the look stunning and perfect.

    • By Huzaifah Kumar

      May 24,2022

      Arrived quickly and exactly as pictured.

    • By Arjun Garrett

      May 23,2022

      Elegant and dainty. Absolutely perfect!

    • By Mercy Donald

      May 21,2022

      This set was such a sweet Finishing touch to my fairy outfit. They are so sparkly and delicate. I absolutely love them.

    • By Harper-Rose Marsh

      May 21,2022

      For my wedding, it was cold at night. Kept me warm, and I looked like an ice queen with it on.

    • By Steven Rios

      May 21,2022

      Excellent pair! I wore them at our wedding and I got so many compliments on them! They looked stunning!

    • By Chaya Dougherty

      May 21,2022

      Absolutely stunning faux-fur wrap. It made my wedding a success and looked like real fur. I seriously couldn't handle how awesome the faux fur looked and how it really helped us stay warm since we had an outdoor wedding. People were complimenting us and even our wedding photographer said it looked stunning!! It really made me feel like a bride!!

    • By Jorden Hanson

      May 21,2022

      Lovely! Thank you for the note! Really lovely little anklet

    • By Iestyn Prince

      May 19,2022

      Absolutely loved this piece. Wore it for my wedding and it was the perfect touch. I would highly recommend this hair band to anyone. It was the perfect size, beautiful and good quality.

    • By Isabella Hopper

      May 18,2022

      very elegant, soft and stunning. Bought it for my wedding, and it looks very feminine and gentle.

    • By Alima Fenton

      May 18,2022

      It??s amazing and beautifully made great buy for the price

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