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  • Sincerity Wedding Dresses

    625 Sincerity Wedding Dresses Found

    Sincerity Wedding Dresses

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS (1076)Sincerity Wedding Dresses

    Average Rating 4.71 5
    • By Lorraine June

      Jan 18,2020

      Ordering a gown online, especially for the wedding can be disappointing, but this dress is so magnificent and fits so well, it is exactly what the bride hoped for and received. My customer is very happy with this dress.

    • By Kel wolfe

      Jan 17,2020

      I love this dress! It's femmynine and SO comfy and elegant! I will return over and over to this shop.

    • By Nyla Fields

      Jan 16,2020

      Beautiful!!! Will update with a picture after my wedding! Couldn't be happier!

    • By Jozef Eastwood

      Jan 14,2020

      It fits perfectly and the fabrics are beautiful. Also a perfect finish! I like it very much!

    • By Neve Yang

      Jan 06,2020

      It's beautiful!!! The material is so soft and comfortable! I can't wait to wear it next week for photos. It would have gotten to me even faster if there hadn't been a little snafu with my local post office (totally not on the seller, my local post office was the problem). Thank you so much!

    • By Elisa LLL

      Dec 28,2019

      Great dress! Nice communication, fast shipping! Thank you, Junebridal!

    • By janette perry

      Dec 24,2019

      Cool dress. Dress it with hippie vibe. Thanks a lot!

    • By Saara Williams

      Dec 23,2019

      Just what I wanted and arrived on time! Item arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Would definitely recommend.

    • By Jaqueline Bertram-Smith

      Dec 17,2019

      LOVE this, perfect sheath costume. Thank you a lot!

    • By Jessica Emory

      Dec 15,2019

      The package came quicker than I thought since I'm on the east coast. I'm very happy with my beach wedding dress.

    • By Helen Payne

      Dec 04,2019

      The seller makes beautiful, comfortable dresses with real care. Thank you for taking the time to make my personal measurements and create yet another perfect dress for me.

    • By Felicia Ramirez

      Dec 01,2019

      Beautiful fabric and responsive customer service

    • By Kira Rosenwax

      Nov 30,2019

      Perfectly sized for me. As long as you provide custom size, it will fit perfectly, much better than the dresses I tried in the local shop. The lace and design are really my thing. Thanks so much.

    • By Violet Pace

      Nov 29,2019

      I love this dress! I was nervous about the outfit but turned out great. The fit is near perfect and overall its a beautiful dress! I am so glad I chose to get my wedding dress from here!!! Thank you!

    • By ityari

      Nov 24,2019

      I got married in this dress and loved it! It's graceful, beautiful and super comfortable. The fabric and fabrication is high quality and they did a great job in preparing the item for costums and sending it out quickly. Thank you!

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