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    Short Wedding Dresses 2018

    247 Short Wedding Dresses 2018 Found
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    Short Wedding Dresses 2018

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS (183)Short Wedding Dresses 2018

    Average Rating 4.71 5
    • By Sara Bennett

      Jul 16,2021

      I am SO happy with my decision to work with the seller! She was very patient and totally understood the vision I had for my dress. She was honest, helpful and is completely amazing at what she does. I would definitely recommend her to every bride that wants a high quality, one of a kind wedding gown!

    • By Alyssa Matejka

      May 09,2021

      I haven't actually worn this dress yet since it's for an event in a couple of months. However, I did try it on and I do have to say if you're not getting a custom size definitely order regular-size below what the measurement chart puts you at. I was hesitant to do so since I was clearly measuring in regular-size, I ordered regular-size smaller than what I was measuring at and it fits perfectly! The dress does look well made, it's super light, and it's comfortable! The seller is awesome to work with and after I placed my order I probably received it within 3 weeks!

    • By Montell Sherman

      May 20,2021

      I just love this dress. The material is so soft and comfortable and the workmanship is beautiful. I was initially not sure on the price but once I received it, I was more than satisfied that I had gotten my money's worth... In fact, I feel like the quality is well above.

    • By Sneha Miller

      Jun 06,2021

      Working with Dressafford was a pleasure. Very responsive and we were able to sort out measurements efficiently. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and so nicely made! And, it fits perfectly. I'm beyond impressed!

    • By Ben Power

      Apr 28,2021

      Love the fit and feel - ordering more!

    • By Alvin Benson

      Apr 21,2021

      Great quality! exactly as shown in the picture. Better than I expected. Albert was very understanding and cooperative, I asked him to remove the black sash and he did it perfectly. He is very flexible and responded well to all my requests.

    • By Frida Welsh

      May 09,2021

      Lovely dress and fits perfectly with the custom measurements. Good quality material & finish.

    • By flag bujk

      May 21,2021

      This item is so well made. The fabric of sleeves is great. Perfection. Such a great seller to work with and communicate. Thank you a lot Alex. Very impressed.

    • By Adeel Leech

      Apr 29,2021

      Absolutely perfect. It fits like a glove! The quality of the material and craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this site. Thank you so much!

    • By Dannica Michaud

      Jul 05,2021

      I ordered this for my beach wedding and it's everything I dreamed of. It's so pretty and soft. Sometimes lace can be scratchy but not this.

    • By Amrit Hamilton

      Apr 22,2021

      I am in love! I was worried about ordering clothes without trying them on, but this dress is wonderful and the quality is great. Agent Estella worked with me to make a perfect piece that is exactly what I desired. My only complaint is that the bow is too loose and I have to fasten it every time.

    • By bbdee

      Sep 12,2021

      I LOVE THIS DRESS. I am so happy with the quality of the dress and it was even delivered faster than I expected. The ivory color is perfect and exactly what I was searching for!

    • By lelinha1

      May 30,2021

      I couldn

    • By Kayla Webb

      Oct 04,2021

      Stunning dress!! I cannot wait to wear this for my party! Thank you so much!

    • By Jahmeca Miller

      May 19,2021

      This dress fit perfectly. The owner was wonderful in her fast response and ensuring the dress was shipped in enough time for me to receive it as I gave such a short notice.

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