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    Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

    136 Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses Found
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    Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

    The special day for a bride is somehow also the special day of the bridesmaids that are eager to escort the bride as she walks down the aisle. One of the challenges of bridesmaids though is to look as beautiful as possible, especially for those who have bigger sizes. With our exquisite selection of dresses, we cater to plus size women who want to look stunning in their close friend’s wedding with our plus size bridesmaid dresses.

    A lot of plus sized women often have difficulty finding dresses because not all designer dress stores have a selection for plus sized body figures. However, we have a selection that is specifically designed for plus sized women. Our plus size bridesmaid dresses come in many different designs and colors. Made from top rate quality materials like satin, silk, and taffeta, our designs include strapless dresses, off the shoulder looks, stunning v-neck designs, puffy dresses, flowing gowns, high low gowns, and many more. Our designs also come in different colors such as gold, red, silver, dark blue, turquoise and much more. All of these dresses custom made for plus sized women who want to have a little bit more curve.

    Our plus size bridesmaid dresses also cater to different body figures of women who are in the plus size category. This way, we are making beautifully designed dresses available to any bridesmaid who would want to look their best for their closest friend’s big day. We also make these exquisite dresses very affordable for every lovely lady out there. For those who are looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses that are wonderfully designed and also affordable, take a look at our collection of beautiful dresses specially made for your shape and size.

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS (19)Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

    Average Rating 4.89 5
    • By Sienna-Rose Mcdermott

      Apr 08,2021

      I love it! It fits like a glove and is gorgeous. I had previously ordered another dress from dress afford that I love as well. This dress actually came a week earlier than I expected it too. Thank you so much!

    • By Emuulee

      Apr 07,2021

      The chiffon and lace material is gorgeous and the dress is very well made. I also order same one, I loved trying all the different occasions to wear it!!!! Can't wait to see my bridesmaids in this dress!

    • By Ty Hart

      Mar 29,2021

      Loved this high low dress. Made a beautiful wedding outfit for my bridesmaids!

    • By Erin and Mary

      Mar 24,2021

      These dresses are made so well. Love the chiffon fabric! Kathy was so sweet and professional while communicating through messages. The dresses were shipped quickly, before they were expected. We are so happy with this purchase! Thank you!

    • By cerajacks

      Mar 24,2021

      Really fast shipping, and made a mistake with the color and it was sorted immediately and the seller was great throughout.

    • By Shannon Dawkins

      Mar 18,2021

      I love my dress! The color is perfect and It shipped faster then I anticipated. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and needed a bridesmaid dress that I could adjust to my growing size. The fabric is very soft and flattering to the baby bump. A very lovely dress and seller. Will highly recommend !

    • By lindstrue1

      Mar 06,2021

      I cannot recommend Cindy and this shop enough. I was nervous at first about ordering a dress I couldn't first see, and having that dress shipped from the other side of the world. I loved the photo of this dress and wanted to use it for my six bridesmaids. I reached out to Cindy and she almost immediately responded with answers to all my questions. She guided me through the whole process and let me ship all six dresses to my house to save on shipping. One of my bridesmaids made an error in her measurements and Cindy noticed this and reached out to me right away with her concern. She was right and we were able to correct it and the dress came as the right size. When the package came, I couldn't believe how beautiful the dresses were. The craftsmanship was excellent and my bridesmaids are very happy! Thank you Cindy!

    • By Resperance

      Feb 28,2021

      It got delivered within 5 days with each fabric clearly labeled. Some sellers send you a tiny 1 inch square of fabric, but Kathy sent me a few larger pieces which allowed me to get the general complexion of the fabric. She is really quick with e-mail responses too, so I got a lot of questions answered to narrow down my choices.

    • By craignclaire

      Jan 20,2021

      Lovely material that hangs beautifully and I can't wait to see my bridesmaids in their dresses!! Thank you so much Kathy will definitely recommend you such a hassle free transaction from initially ordering swatches to getting the finished dresses.

    • By idg248

      Jan 13,2021

      Brilliant service and lovely dresses - I was concerned about ordering dresses for my sister's wedding. Kathy was quick and friendly in her response to my original questions - the dresses were shipped in line with her estimates and I got tracking information so I could keep an eye on the parcel in transit. The dresses themselves are beautiful and we are looking forward to working out which way we want to wear them!! Excellent service, excellent value - could not ask for more!!!!

    • By Jenny L

      Jan 10,2021

      Dress was shipped quickly, it is elegant. I got a custom maid dress to try out for my bridesmaids. The dress was thin for the color white, (it may differ for other colors), so I had to choose another dress for my bridesmaids as I wanted them to wear without a bra or bandu. But still a lovely item!!

    • By Evan Harmon

      Dec 20,2020

      This piece is gorgeous. I am so impressed and I can not wait until my friend's wedding day. Thank you!

    • By Bethany Chan

      Dec 05,2020

      I love everything about this dress. It was shipped quickly, made exactly to the measurements given including color. Thanks again!

    • By Tricia Anderson

      Nov 08,2020

      We only had to wait three weeks for the dresses to arrive. We received my daughter's dress yesterday (and my friend's arrived the day before), and we were able to immediately find a style she liked. Then, we found another favorite and then another. Good thing we have few months before the wedding to decide. I only have two attendants in my wedding, my daughter and my friend. Both girls have different body types, and the dresses look beautiful on both of them.

    • By louiseaimee1

      Oct 27,2020

      Absolutely love this dress! Ordered one as a tester and going to order more for my Bridesmaids. Quality is great (hard to tell from the more expensive brands) and color is incredible!

    • By toastarifica

      Oct 20,2020

      Oohhhhh! I just got this in the mail about an hour ago and I've been playing with styles since! The chiffon fabric is amazing, soft, a beautiful weight as well...this blush color is absolutely gorgeous! So fun! I can't wait to wear it in public! So much love for this! THANK YOU! I feel so amazing and pretty in this dress! You're the best.

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