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    Crop Top Wedding Dresses

    37 Crop Top Wedding Dresses Found
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    Crop Top Wedding Dresses

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS (15)Crop Top Wedding Dresses

    Average Rating 4.67 5
    • By Remi Correa

      Dec 05,2021

      Awesome dress! Perfect fit and fast shipping! Thank you so much!

    • By Kenniesha L.

      Dec 02,2021

      The dress is beautiful. I order the dress 2 sizes up, a little big. Has good comfort and stretch.

    • By Eshal Gilbert

      Dec 02,2021

      This wedding dress is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much. I'm so happy with my purchase, the fabric is so soft and the color is perfect. Thank you so much, I can't wait to wear it

    • By Kori Connell

      Nov 23,2021

      I needed a dress that fit my backyard wedding, after my more formal affair was postponed due to COVID. On short notice, this dress worked incredibly well. It was a little snug in the chest, but otherwise fit well. You couldn't even tell the difference in quality between this dress and my $800 formal gown.

    • By Megan Gospe

      Nov 21,2021

      Can't wait to wear this on my big day! I have tried it twice now! Looks amazing! Just perfect!

    • By Adeline Anthony

      Nov 10,2021

      Dress fits good. Was really cute and got here before I needed it. Will be ordering in the future for other occasions.

    • By Susanna Webster

      Oct 12,2021

      I love this two-piece dress and am wearing it for my wedding. I ordered a size 6 and it fit perfectly. Would recommend this site to every girl I know who's wishing for a beautiful dress!

    • By Annalyn Garcia

      Oct 08,2021

      This was such a great buy. The stretch is amazing and it's so flattering for your curves.

    • By Chef Michelle

      Sep 25,2021

      I ordered a couple dresses that was twice as much and they didn't fit as well as this dress! I was really surprised at how soft it was and it definitely did not look like a dress that is under $200. It was a last minute decision and I'm glad I went with it.

    • By Finlay Williamson

      Aug 22,2021

      Very quick delivery and customer support seems to be very responsive! This is just my dream dress it is so beautiful and comfortable!

    • By Julie Merrill

      Jul 04,2021

      Im in love with this dress. I didn't think that it was going to have a nice fit or it might have a defect because how cheap it was. To my amazement its perfect. Great quality. I would highly recommend this dress and manufacture to those interested.

    • By Nicole Posley

      May 21,2021

      I love the dress!!! Great dress for the price, It fits me perfect, it's stretched and very comfortable and sexy.

    • By Christy Hines

      May 09,2021

      This dress is everything you want in a dress that could easily cost $500+. I had an immediate family wedding only and needed a dress. The dress is cheap. It surprised me how much I loved it! The body of the dress was perfect to hide my imperfection.

    • By Talia Pennington

      Apr 29,2021

      This is a lovely dress and the ivory is so soft and wonderful. It fit perfectly and I love the quality! Thank you so much!

    • By Evie-May Drake

      Apr 04,2021

      The dress truly is amazing! I have bought this dress 3 weeks before and it fits like a glove !! Even has a built in bra which is so nice and a money saver. Dress like this cost less than 200$+ in my area so this was a huge savings! Thank you!

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