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    CUSTOMER REVIEWS (153)Accessories

    Average Rating 4.73 5
    • By Muskaan Mckeown

      May 28,2020

      Super cute and great price

    • By Sharon Gunn

      May 26,2020

      This veil is beautiful and soft and I can??t wait to wear it on my wedding day :)

    • By Tate Hyde

      May 26,2020

      Beautiful! Looks just as advertised. I can??t wait to wear this for my wedding!

    • By Loretta Beck

      May 26,2020

      I love it, I can't wait to wear it!

    • By Nathanial Mill

      May 25,2020

      Very classy. This shawl was a very elegant addition to my wedding dress

    • By Arran Bradshaw

      May 25,2020

      Very nice, purchased for my niece wedding and she loved it

    • By Libbi Fitzpatrick

      May 25,2020

      I wanted something simple and more affordable than what my bridal shop could offer. I am blow away by how perfect this veil is, especially for the price!! It is so elegant and beautiful.. It shipped so fast as well! Thank you!

    • By Sioned Mullins

      May 24,2020

      The hat is beautiful! Packaged in a box with care instructions. Received on time. I??m so excited to wear it on my wedding day!!!

    • By Evalyn Carver

      May 24,2020

      It's beautiful, thank you so much!!!!!

    • By Kane Burnett

      May 23,2020

      This was just the right color and size to go with my wedding dress! It made the look stunning and perfect.

    • By Carmen Mcguire

      May 23,2020

      It's perfect! Exactly what I wanted.

    • By Ashlea Acevedo

      May 23,2020

      This is exactly the veil I needed to compliment my very elaborate wedding gown. Brides- don't be fooled into paying through the roof for a veil-this veil is beautiful and the price is INSANE. It is also super easy to take on/off. I wore it for the hair trial last weekend and was able to remove it easily without damaging my hair. Couldn't be happier!!!!

    • By Isabella Hopper

      May 22,2020

      very elegant, soft and stunning. Bought it for my wedding, and it looks very feminine and gentle.

    • By Chanice Correa

      May 22,2020

      I??m using this for my evening gown can??t wait

    • By Hawwa Findlay

      May 21,2020

      Beautiful. Great Quality, Great Price

    • By Marco Solomon

      May 20,2020

      Simple, super worth it. If you want something simple, inexpensive, and well made--go for it!!

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